About Us

We live very demanding and high-paced lives in a world where the race to increase efficiency is always on. At Lepsta, we have dedicated ourselves to solving technological problems that help people be more effective in what they do in their daily lives.

We are driven by a mission to become the Leading Entity in Professional Services and Technology Advancement (LEPSTA). We believe that technology is now the biggest part of our lives. A force that has both the power to destroy us, but also the power to liberate us. We are obviously not thrilled about the former.

We understand that delivering meaningful services to customers demands pushing the boundaries. Which is why the advancement of technology (both by us and anyone else) is key in our view. Technology is a broad term however and that is why we decided to use Software Technology as a starting point.

What Makes Us Unique

Start with WHY

A simple but very crucial question. Asking “why?” is our guiding principle to everything we do. We scrutinize every idea or method to ensure the reason behind it is strong and valuable.


We only look for people who want to be at Lepsta! This calls for a unique recruitment strategy. Instead of following the traditional role-based interviewing process, we engage in meaningful conversations with candidates.


In our pursuit of becoming a “LEPSTA”, we have learnt to adjust the way we look at the world. And our entire approach to problem solving. Instead of focusing on how others are solving certain problems, we follow a more scientific process.

Customer Centric

We all love the thrill of building cool technology. But “cool” is irrelevant if you build something no one wants to use. Having learnt from our failures and successes, we have a process we refer to as “Customer Driven Development”.

Smart People & Freedom

We have a small team with smart people who share the same vision as the rest of the company, and we set them free. We believe it to be pointless to hire someone you believe to be brilliant and tell them what to do.

We Embrace Failure

We understand that we work on very ambitious projects, and that failure is highly likely. In fact, more likely than success, in most cases. We believe that nothing life-changing ever begins with copying what others are doing.


Achievements & Awards


The Technology Innovation Agency’s development fund

As its name suggests, the TIA only funds the development of the most innovative technologies in South Africa. It therefore came as no surprise that our technology was subject to months of technical due diligence. In February 2017 TIA awarded funding to Lepsta as part of their technology development fund for the development of EngineOne.

We would like to thank the Technology Innovation Agency for making this possible.


Innovation Hub GAP ICT 2016 first place winner

The GAP (Gauteng Accelerator Program) competition is held every year to select the most deserving startups into the Innovation Hub’s incubation programmes. Lepsta was selected first and overall best in the ICT category walking away with the first prize trophy and some prize money.

We would like to thank The Innovation Hub for making this possible.


Investec - En-novate Seattle Trip

The Investec Bank partners with En-novate to select the most deserving South African startups in different categories to represent South Africa abroad. This helps startups grow their international network and launch their products / services internationally. In July 2016, Lepsta became one of only about a dozen startups in a South African delegate to Seattle, WA.

We would like to thank Investec Bank, En-novate and RSAWEB for making this possible.


GIST Bootcamp Finalist

In 2016 we took part in a bootcamp organised by GIST in the partnership with US’s Department of State. From Algeria to Zimbabwe, almost every African country was represented by one or two startups. The bootcamp was followed by a pitching competition where Lepsta became one of 4 finalists among all African representatives. We did not go on to win the prize as there were more deserving startups on the day.

We would like to thank GIST, VentureWell, US Department of State, Climate Innovation Center, Open Innovation Exchange and Afrika Leadership Development Programme for the opportunity.


NetProphet Sparkup Semi Finalist

NetProphet Sparkup is an annual startup conference held in Cape Town, South Africa. The attendants are selected from hundreds of applications to showcase they startups and pitch for investment to some of South Africa’s leading investors. Lepsta (quite early stage at the time) reached the semifinals of the pitching competition and was later approached by RSAWEB a South Africa based internet service provider who later became the company’s first seed investor.

We would like to thank Mlab Southern Africa, RSAWEB and NetProphet for such an incredible opportunity.




Sithembiso Khumalo

The Visionary

Nkosana Mabuza

The Champion

Guidione Machava

(UX Designer)

Timothy Solomon

(Software Engineer)
The Incredible Machine

Eugene Khumalo

(Software Engineer)
The Speaker

Stephen Boyd

(Software Engineer)
The Ghost

Contact Us

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Centurion, South Africa, 0157

Phone: +27 87 470 0309

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